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About WIN


At WIN College we like to keep it "real". Every course we offer, (including the ESL course), is designed for adult students that want get the skills & knowledge to work and live in the real world.

Our philosophy is to educate & train our students in continuous contact with the real world (industry and the global community).

Our students and trainers are constantly in touch with the wide and varied enterprises that make up the vocational aspects of living in the new millennium; (everyone has to have an occupation). We do this through field trips and industry visits to our campus. Any course will have a minimum of contact with at least 12 of these enterprise contacts… this is where the students have opportunities to talk to different people from various professions, trades, crafts & enterprises, learn from them and be more prepared for their glorious future. We get Industry to constantly check we are giving our students realistic skills and tests and update us so that we continue to be current.

Some of our students use our courses to continue into Higher Education and WIN College enables the students to meet some of the lecturers at WIN Higher Education Campus and even use some of the specialist facilities (like the full-size Green-screen studio) so that they can get prepared for continued study.

So that's how we like to keep our educational activities real, with real opportunities and really exciting networking.


Our Mission is to practice what we teach!

Our Values

  • Real Courses
  • Real opportunities & job options
  • Real skills & education
  • Real contact with industry
  • Real Fun

Our Strategy

To provide practical-work-ready-skills-based-partnerships and field-trip contact with industry that gets the students “living” and “practicing” their skills in a business environment.


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