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History Behind Our Name


We would like to share the story of why we named our educational organization WIN. It started as Nationwide College and then shortly after becameWentworth Institute (3 different campuses).  We were named after a man who was an explorer, journalist, pioneer, writer, lawyer, innovator and notably an educator. William Charles Wentworth (1790–1872) became one of the most important figures in Australia’s history, and particularly in Sydney’s history.

William Charles Wentworth – ‘A lifetime of achievements’

William Charles Wentworth grew up in Sydney, and returned to England at the age of thirteen where he was educated. He arrived back in New South Wales at the age of twenty in 1815 the year that most people would declare was the beginning of his   ‘lifetime of achievements.’

Wentworth was a landowner and sheep grazier who had an adventurous spirit and a desire to discover new pastures; this led him at the young age of twenty three in 1818 to undertake the first inland exploration in New South Wales, the crossing over the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. He completed the difficult but successful exploration alongside his fellow explorers Gregory Blaxland and William Lawson.

William Charles Wentworth not only played a huge part in the political landscape of Australia but also became involved in Education. Between the years (1848-1854) he reformed education in New South Wales, he established primary school education in NSW, and most importantly he established the first Colonial University in the British Empire in 1848-49.

Although we still are known as Wentworth Institute we decided to reflect on the “Real” nature of what we do. Hence we now have “College” in the title. Before we were Wentworth Institute the VET College was call “Nationwide” so when we put that together with our history, previous identities and now our principle purpose for our students “WIN” becomes and obvious choice. 


STAY in wonderful Sydney Australia

STUDY in a great place where we give students real opportunities and usable knowledge

WIN a great future full of opportunities





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