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Our Facilities

Our Pitt St campus is close to Chinatown. Apart from mainland China or Hong Kong and Macau, Sydney has one of the world's most colourful and authentic Chinatowns. It's well worth a visit.

  • Not only that but you can get there by using the Light Rail;
  • It starts at Central Station, which serves all parts of the Sydney Metro area and the rest of NSW, and is only a few minutes' walk from our campus;
  • If it's shopping what you want . . . . well, Paddy's market is around the corner and the major shops are no distance in the Pitt Street Mall;
  • The campus? Plenty of room to circulate, meet new friends and study;
  • Plus a docking station on every desk to be able to charge your I-pad, mobile or tablet;
  • Oh yes, free wi-fi for those as well;
  • It's not all work, we run regular excursions. Join In the fun.



The Library is located in the Common Room at Pitt Street Campus
Library hours: 9.30am  – 5.00pm.
The Librarian is your educator and if the education is not present then enquire at Reception


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