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Student Services

Academic Support

There is a range of academic support services available for you at WIN College that will assist you with your studies.

Students may see your trainer to receive individual assistance. Their support is invaluable for learning how to structure an essay or report, how to avoid plagiarism and how to write effectively.


Academic Systems Support

The Academic Manager can assist students with any issues related to academic systems (WIN Learning, WIN Record and VET Accounting).

  • Academic Manager: Charles Mille, Level 7 451 Pitt St, Haymarket (Pitt St Campus)
  • Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
  • Email charlesm@win.edu.au


Complaints Management and Resolution

The Academic manager and Administration manager work within the Academic and Non-academic Grievance Handling Policy and will explain how Wentworth Institute deals with all types of complaints from staff, students and the public. This will cover complaints about unfair and/or disrespectful actions or decisions as well as complaints about bullying, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, vilification and victimisation.

  • Face to face appointments may be made at Reception


International Student Support

There is a range of student support services available to our International Students. From finding somewhere to live to finding out about your visa conditions or how you can find work in Australia, we are here to help. Services are available face-to-face, over the telephone or via email.


IT Support

The IT Manager is responsible for managing all the hardware and internet access. Please contact him directly if you have any issues with your laptop, computer or accessing the internet.



The Wentworth Institute is responsible for the safety and security of all students, staff and visitors as well as ensuring the security and accessibility of all campus buildings and facilities. Report all suspicious activity, characters or theft to the reception.


Student Services

Student Services officer is the first point of contact for enquiries and advice relating to your study and matters specific to International Students and can provide general advice and referrals on enrolment and fees, exams and results, completions, lodging forms or requests for approved leave.


Student Welfare Service

Student Welfare Service offers advice and support on a range of personal matters including where to go for advice on financial issues, tenancy issues, as well as accommodation and health-related issues. Services are available face-to-face, over the telephone or via email.

  • Face to face appointments may be made at Reception


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