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EAP Course


EAP is a 2 level programme and it concentrates on academic skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing needed for Australian tertiary institutions.

  • 20 weeks: Level 1 EAP – 2 x 5 weeks and Level 2 EAP – 2 x5 weeks
  • 20 hours of class time and some independent research per week required
  • All classes have access to computers and aids to language learning
  • Progress reports after each 5 week block
  • University qualified teachers with specialist language teaching qualifications
  • Up-to-date teaching methodology
  • Weekly Intakes
  • Offers pathways to Vocational and Higher Education Courses at Wentworth Institute for e.g. Certificate/Diploma/Advanced Diplomas and some Bachelor courses. (Please see requirements for VET and Higher Education courses.)



By the end of the EAP course students will be familiar with the cultural norms and values of tertiary institutions in Australia and will have:

  • developed the necessary learning strategies and study skills appropriate for Australian tertiary education;
  • better mastered the written system of Academic English such as note taking and essay writing in relevant academic genres;
  • the ability to communicate in an academic environment- also through oral and written presentation work;
  • extended speaking skills in both formal and informal atmospheres, and
  • greater participation in academic discussions with better developed critical thinking skills;
  • developed and learned how to conduct research, reference appropriately and evaluate primary and secondary resources and data;
  • become better equipped at handling external English exams such as IELTS.

Wentworth Institute reserves the right to cancel an English course if insufficient enrolments have been confirmed.