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Enrolment Procedures


 – The student contacts the institute by telephone, fax, email, on-line, or in person

– The student accesses information regarding the institute on the website or is sent the information pack detailing information on the course, the institute, fees structure, refund policy and  enrolment procedures

– The student completes enrolment form and collects the documents relevant to the application i.e. certified evidence of certificates and transcripts for previous study, English language proficiency and reference for any work experiences

– The Registrar for vocational courses assesses the student’s enrolment documents

– On receipt of the tuition fee deposit and enrolment fee the student’s information is entered in PRISMS and an electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE) is created

– Wentworth Institute organises health insurance for the student

– Student applies for visa at the Australian Embassy in the country of departure


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