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Student Recruitment and Enrolment

Student Recruitment at WIN College is carried out in an ethical and responsible manner and is consistent with the requirements of the relevant course or curriculum as detailed in WIN College materials. All marketing undertaken by Education Agents maintain the integrity and reputation of the industry, WIN College and registered providers generally. Agents do not knowingly recruit or attempt to recruit students where this conflicts with Standard 7 (Overseas student transfers) of the National Code.

Enrolment in vocational courses takes place each term and there will be 6 primary intakes in a year. Secondary Intakes, (start dates other than those advertised), may be conducted in special cases after consultation and approval by the Academic Manager.

To enter courses at WIN, applicants must satisfy eligibility criteria and meet specific course requirements (such as any prerequisites specified in the National Training Package). International and domestic applicants who have not studied at least the final two years of their secondary education in English must satisfy WIN’s English Language Proficiency requirements.

WIN has an in-house English Placement Test developed by its ELICOS staff and this test will be provided to prospective students who don’t hold formal English test certification. The student will undergo a written test and spoken assessment of their English by an English staff member or the Manager of Governance, Compliance and Risk (who holds ELICOS qualifications).

Students will generally be required to have successfully completed an Australian Year 12 or equivalent. Relevant work experience or the successful completion of a qualification at level 4 or above in the Australian Qualifications Framework delivered in English will also be a route for entry into a vocational course. Eligibility for entry outside of these guidelines will be assessed on an individual basis by the Academic Manager who will determine if the prospective student’s language proficiency, educational background or work experience is sufficient to successfully manage the study of a particular course. Students must be at least 18 years of age.


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